The birth centenary of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia is beginning on March 23, 2009. So far socialists across the country have prepared a program by constituting committees for Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia's birth centenary in 15 states of the country. It is likely that the most of the discussion will be focused on the theory of Saptkranti

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the yatra फ्रंट-

On the yatra front

There is some news from the yatris. The response is very encouraging. In Goa there was some delay at the border because the yatris felt that the entry for our vehicles should be waived, but it had to be paid. However, it became news and it is possible that the state will return the money. And the yatra got very good response in Karnataka. In addition to functions, where people gathered to remember Dr. Lohia and listen to yatris, they donated a handsome sum of Rs. 36,000/- to finance the yatra.

And Kerala, the Gods own country, had its own way of welcoming the yatra. It lined up 125 cars to lead the bus carrying the yatris.

Going by the response, the way Dr. Lohia is remembered, and the Saptakranti Vichars are arousing interest, the signs are that the pro-poor politics is possible.

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