The birth centenary of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia is beginning on March 23, 2009. So far socialists across the country have prepared a program by constituting committees for Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia's birth centenary in 15 states of the country. It is likely that the most of the discussion will be focused on the theory of Saptkranti

Saturday, August 8, 2009

• Use of regional language as working language in all courts including High Court. Campaign against compulsory use of English in High Courts and Supreme Court.
• Campaign against continuous hike of fees in schools, colleges, coaching institutions, hospitals, demand to put legal restrictions on institution to regulate fee. Demand for free, compulsory and uniform education till higher secondary level.
• Parity of wages between farmers and employees – Ensure Rs 10,000/- as minimum monthly income for the farmers’ families which is ensured for the employees after the 6th Pay commission recommendations. Agricultural worker should be recognized as skilled labour.
• Awareness should be created for strict implantations of anti dowry provisions of law. So that people involved in giving & taking dowry can be punished by law, such people should be socially boycotted.
• Use of caste name should be stopped.
• In case of use of violence in family, school, police station and other places cases should be registered with immediate arrest. A law should be enacted immediately to stop police firing on non-voilence struggles.
• Special courts should be formed to dispose off cases of corruption within 3 months. The properties of those found guilty should be confiscated by the government.
• Stop marketisation of drinking water, health, education, transportation, sanitation and other public utility services.
• To minimize disparity in the society. Legal limit of income and expenditure should be made.
• Indian parliament should pass all party resolution to bring back black money which is deposited in all foreign banks and to be utilized for providing drinking water.
• Scrap SEZ policy, stop acquisition of agricultural land for industrial purpose.
• Life imprisonment for those who are involved in communal, caste and gender violence.
• Allot land to the farmers who are tilling government lands and provide the Title of the housing land to those who are living in village or in cities on the government land.
• Include right to work as fundamental right in the constitution. Extend employment guarantee scheme to the poor living in the cities. Numbers of days should be increased 100 days to at least 200 days.

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